Birthday Girl!

Daughters are wonderful.


They like pink, purple, ponies, princesses, pepperoni pizza and have a thing about what to wear.

Maddy Halloween Princess

They’re concerned with ‘going out’ and kissing in kindergarten. (I’m hopeful that she’ll keep those vampire-boys away.)


Twirling is necessary. Tulle a must.


They’re truly delicate creatures who can drum up instant crocodile tears one moment and proclaim their undying love the next.


Daughters are beautiful.

Maddy Pink Grass

Even mine!

Silly Maddy Goggles

Happy 6th Birthday, Miss Is!


  1. Barney Family Blog said...

    What a girl!! Hope she has a wonderful birthday!!

  2. Stacey said...

    Happy Birthday, from all of us Smeks.

  3. The Wright's said...

    Happy Birthday Miss Is!!!

  4. Emma said...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDIE!!!!!!! You'll tell her I say have a great day and happy birthday right??!!

  5. ...for all eternity. said...

    Hope she had a great day!!

  6. young family said...

    She is beautiful! Hope she had a great day!!