The Halloween Hunting Party

"Why did the ghoul, the pirate, and a snow-fairy princess cross the road?"

This Halloween crept up on me like a thief in the night. I was not at all prepared. After changing several times, going through her entire trunk of dress-up clothes, Iz decided to be a snow-fairy princess. Devin had last years' ghoul costume stashed away in his closet so his was also an easy fix.

Poor D.J., we had to start from scratch with him. We tried the traditional 'sheet' ghost to no avail, next was the 'window scarf' mummy that ended badly, and finally after much desperation and rummaging through my closet, we came up with this gypsy-pirate ensemble complete with earring and facial hair. He was happy in the end and that's all that really matters. Well, that and how much loot they could get.

Luckily it wasn't as cold as it was last year so we didn't need to work around thick coats and an extra pair of jeans. We set off at seven with the intent of only knocking doors in our subdivision. An hour later the buckets were overflowing and our route completed.

Our snow-fairy princess was the only one to deliver a trick.

"Trick-or-treat." The kiddos sang as the door opened.

"Oh, a pirate... and what are you?" the stooped, white-haired woman asked.
"A ghoul, I think." Devin politely replied as she dropped a full-size Snicker into his sack.
"And a princess too!" She had moved on to Izzy's bucket, "How pretty you look."
The princess crinkled her nose and stated matter-of-factly, "You look very, very old. You're gonna die soon."
The woman lost her smile for a moment and said, "I hope not too soon, Happy Halloween." and shut the door.
After picking my jaw up from the sidewalk and explaining how she had made the nice lady sad, Dad marched Iz right back to her door to apologize.
The woman was nice and accepted the tear-filled and sniffled sorry, "I've been called a lot worse."
Out of the mouths of babes, right?


  1. Forever Young said...

    It's amazing what our little ones say, so to the point but with little tact :) On a better note, they look really cute, isn't it nice that the weather wasn't horrible this year!!! I am all for good weather on Halloween.