Got Tagged?

I'm not sure how the game is played, but thanks to Lora, I guess I'm it?

Six Habits: For Better or Worse.

1. Once Bitten: Disgusting as it is, I pick, tear, and bite at my nails. Mom said that I would die an early death due to the fact that there would be a large ball of half-eaten fingernails rolling around, riddling my stomach with holes. Well Mom, I don't eat them and I'm still alive.

2. Open and Shut: I have to shut, close, or lock up every door, cabinet, or lid I find left open. It drives me nuts if I don’t!

3. You’ve Got Mail: Whether I have the time or not, I always check my email. Sometimes it’s the most adult conversation I get all day, however one-sided it may seem.

4. The Need for Speed: Lucky for me the local police haven’t noticed yet. If I’m listening to an upbeat song while driving, chances are I’m a little upbeat on the speedometer. Kenny Loggin’s Danger Zone from Top Gun always pushes the needle past the "suggested" speed limit.

5. A Blonds’ Ambition: I really do have a brain, I really do! For some reason, as my hubby has pointed out numerous times before and after each situation, when meeting new people or put into an uncomfortable social event, I go from savvy brunette to ditzy blond faster than a bottle of hair bleach in the hands of the local drag queen at La Coif salon. Nerves; sheer, unaltered, my brain fell out my rear, nerves! I believe that habit number one precedes and follows habit number five; the ‘oh-my-gosh-I’m-so-nervous’ to ‘oh-I’m-such-an-idiot or they-know-I’m-an-idiot’.

6. These Shoes Were Made for …. : From sun up to sundown, I have my Nike’s on. Stacey and Clinton from What Not to Wear would have a field day with me. Besides my preferred footwear, I don my daily uniform of jeans, tee, and a light-weight, zippered hoody and a good pair of socks makes all the difference. I wish I could say that I am athletic or intend to be at some point during the day, but the fact is I’m not.


  1. Forever Young said...

    Too funny, I love how you word it. I can picture you in each one, but I am not sure about the blonde thing, I must not have made you nervous.