Pomp and Circumstance





Today is the day that my baby girl graduated. 

She has her degree and as they say, ‘everything you need to know you learn in kindergarten’.  



The first day of kindergarten; it seem like it was so long ago.


Maddy Grad 3


Mjss Is and her teacher, Mrs. W.


Maddy Grad 6


The graduates entered to Pomp and Circumstance and took to the risers to sing a few songs they’ve learned.  The last song, called

“First Grade” was very fitting, the perfect send-off to their official elementary education.


Maddy Grad 7 Maddy Grad 8


Kinder is hard work.  Getting up on stage in front of everybody is even harder.



Congrats, Miss Is!!!!   We’re so proud!


  1. Emma said...

    That's cool! Congrats Maddy!!!=) I don't think that I "graduated" when I was in Kindergarten. Her cap and gown are very cute on her though!!=)

  2. young family said...

    Looks like they do everything in a big way in that school district. She looks so darling! Where has all the time gone? I can't believe how old our kids are getting.

    I am going to hopefully post something sometime ;) Hope graduates on Tuesday! YIKES!! So are your kids now officially out of school for summer?

  3. Connie said...

    Miss Is is adorable and thank her for my rose clipboard, sugar!

  4. Bronco P3t3 said...

    Congrats little miss Gooch! You've come along way. Higher, Higher, you go!