Brownlee Reservoir





Brownlee 4


On the road to Brownlee, about 2 hours and forty-five minutes to go.  Nothing much to see.


Brownlee 5


Oooohh.  Horses.  (Just a little reminder that we’re zooming down the Interstate at 75mph!) 

The Farmers didn’t have their usual toys for this trip so spying anything interesting helped minimize the “are we there yet’s”.



Brownlee 6

The view started to change from flat and matted brown to hills, plateaus and rolling greens.


Brownlee 9


There were cows.


Brownlee 8


And a REAL live cowboy came galloping down the hillside.


Brownlee 10


There were winding rivers and little towns


Brownlee 11


with a grand hotel, motel, inn and coffee shop all in one. 


Brownlee 12


I even discovered that I own a small ranch house and restaurant.


Brownlee 13


The last bit of civilization before we started the climb.


Brownlee 14


Our view from the top, a nose-bleeding height of 4,131' above sea level.


Brownlee 16 

Winding roads



Brownlee 17

and lots of rocks


Brownlee 18


until we reached the bottom.


Brownlee 21


First on the agenda, find a campsite.


Brownlee 27 Brownlee 34 Brownlee 26


There we these little shanty-town shacks all along the shoreline.


Brownlee 28


Brownlee 32


Though the water was beautiful, it was very cold.

I loved the way the black rocks jutted out from underneath the carpet of green.


Brownlee 36


It made the hunt for a campsite that much more challenging, but we found it.  Center-left is where we pitched our tent


Brownlee 41


When we landed the bow on the somewhat sandy beach we found hundreds of butterflies flittering about and resting on the wet soil.  It seemed almost magical.


Brownlee 49 Brownlee 48



Once camp was set up it was time to fish.  It started out a little slow until Dave caught a 2 lb. bass.





A mule deer came down for a drink near one of our Crappie hot-spots.



Brownlee 66Brownlee 65 



With our tummies grumbling, it was time to head back to camp.  Devin started a fire and Dave set up the grill.  We had some fish to fry.



Brownlee 76


The fishy taste of victory.  Chili cheese dogs on hand just in case the lines weren’t hot.


Brownlee 74


With such success, the Farmers fished into the night and actually caught perch.


Brownlee 78

(I should’ve brought my tripod… oh well.  A quick lesson in what not to do or should I say to do.)



When the last of the sunlight faded away, the stars took over and so did all the critters that hoot, howl and scurry – sometimes rather noisily. 

This was the first time we had camped so “rustic” and both Dave and I were a little nervous to say the least.  We made a huge fire and stayed up into the wee hours. 

The loss of sleep did have its benefits; shooting stars and an eyeful of twinkles we don’t have the chance to see in town.  Realizing that nothing was going to eat us or just too tired to care, we rejoined our snoring Farmers in the tent and tried to catch a few zzz’s.



Brownlee 82



Up to take some flower shots while the sun was low.


Brownlee 81 Brownlee 80

Brownlee 87  Brownlee 88



 Brownlee 85


Just before the tent came down, the boat pulled from the water and we said good-bye to Brownlee.


The ride back was uneventful.  Well, I suppose there was a tiny event.  As we came back down the mountain, the drivers side window rolled down to take in as much fresh air as possible, a small honeybee lost it’s way and landed right between Miss Is’ thigh and her shorts.  She freaked, I tried not to freak and help her out without either one of us getting stung.  Who knows what happened to the bee, I never did find it again, but all was well.


Brownlee Reservoir – we’d do it again.


  1. The Gooch Family said...

    What a great trip! Fantastic butterflies and flowers! Great pictures!

    I keep thinking one of these summer weekends we'll do a small camping over-nighter but 7 years living 10 minutes from the canyon and I still haven't ever got it all together to go up!

  2. Emma said...

    Wow those butterfly's were really really pretty! I liked the picture of the flowers and the lake too! Sounds like alot of fun!=)

  3. ...for all eternity. said...

    I love the shot of your campsite, convieniently getting the McDonalds, Albertsons and gas station just out of the shot. Just kidding!
    I love the Hotel and Motel in one. Did you see in the window, it's also an Inn. Very strange, did you go inside?
    I would NEVER do this, the whole tent camping part. If we could pull a little trailer or something and park it there, maybe. I am very proud of you! My husband would love for me to grow up to be like you!
    I love all your photo's do I need to ask if you love your D90? I am convincing my husband (slowly but surely) that I need a DSLR for this Christmas.
    I love the one of the barn. Any post producion or is it straight out of the camera?
    I'm shocked to hear Mrs. DLee leaving the house and actually spending money on herself!! Tell her I'm so proud!! I want to see some frosting on the face photos from tonight! Have fun!

  4. Stacey said...

    You guys do the funnest things.

  5. Bronco P3t3 said...

    Butta G has such a great smile. Looks like he could be in one of those old west prospecting pictures.