Tip-Toe Through the Temple Grounds



Last night I stopped by the Boise Temple to do some “homework” for wedding and to take a few pictures for an upcoming Enrichment event.  I believe that it is fair to say that the Boise Temple has one of the smallest grounds with the exception of those literally in the middle of a city.  From a photography stand point, it makes it rather difficult to get “that” shot.  All the pictures that I have seen of the BT have been shot with either a fisheye lens or from across the street or interstate with a wide angle.  I have a wide, didn’t venture across the very busy Cole road and this was the best I got.  Hardly the whole enchilada; maybe the crusty end of tortilla that baked into a rock because there was no sauce to keep it tasty and all the bubbly-hot cheese oozed off – it’s about that good.


Temple Texture 2

Yes, more phun with Photoshop.

Moroni 2

I took that… me, I did.  Sorry, sometimes I have to convince myself.


Temple Tile

Back to the enrichment thing…

Maybe something like this.  I dunno, my creative brain is rebelling against me.

The more I look at it, the more I tear it apart.  I think the G needs to be the entire frame or just about.

The RS theme this summer is

Sacred Homes, Sacred Temples

after Elder Gary E. Stevenson’s

conference talk.


It’ll be a 12x12” print decoupage onto a tile and distressed/antiqued as one would like.







Anyway, the grounds made up for my frustration with these beautiful roses.  I’ve been rockin’ manual lately, actually the whole time there and it’s amazing what a few changes to the settings can do.  Success or complete and utter failure.  No photoshop phun, just processed into JPEG’s from the NEF files I shoot in. 


Hey, Chick.  Thought you’d appreciate the eye-candy.  lol


Rose 1 

Rose 4




Rose 2


Rose 3


Rose 5


Rose 8


Rose 10


Rose 12


Rose 13



Rose 14

Rose 15


Rose 17


Roses 18



Roses 21



Roses 22


  1. Bronco P3t3 said...
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  2. Bronco P3t3 said...

    Great pictures. The flowers look beautiful. You're right, the Boise grounds are small, maybe that is why they enlarged the entry area. I love the spire/ Moroni picture...makes me think of how infinite our lives are and how we reminded that things in this life will pass, but we go on for eternity!

    Way to go Stacey!

  3. TammyP said...

    Beautiful as usual!! I'm excited for tomorrow morning. See you there!

  4. Connie said...

    Ya done good, chickee!! Yep, ya know how I love eye candy!! I did a pretty good pix of a rose lately but I'm not as sophisticated with PS as you are, sugar! Great, but I haven't figured out the "G" initial though........

  5. Stacey said...

    Okay, chick there are some days where I am just sure that I wish I were more evil, because you have a knack!!!
    Great work!