Wilson Ponds




Wilson Ponds 1 J

Sunday we took a mini-adventure to Wilson Ponds.  There are four ponds and a creek running through the middle. 

Wetlands for foul and big fish.  Above is Trophy pond, a strictly catch and release pond.


Wilson Ponds 15 J

The Water was really murky in due to all the scum.  It wasn’t very pleasant to watch it bubble up off the floor.


Wilson Ponds 2 J


A foot trail through the grass, splitting the marsh area on the left and Trophy pond on the right.

It felt a bit like going on a safari, that is as close to going on safari as I ever want to be.


Wilson Ponds 7 J


These red-winged blackbirds were everywhere, diving and scuffling with each other among the cattails. 

There were geese, several varieties of ducks and other songbirds too shy to reveal themselves.



Wilson Ponds 19 J 

Three of us brought cameras.  D.J. the budding photog, Dad and his Fugifilm and me toting my Nikon. 

The first two ended up with dead batteries halfway through the trip.


Wilson Ponds 35 J

Towards the end of our loop there was a bridge to cross the creek. 

Below were these bright green water plants that I thought looked pretty neat, especially from underneath the water. 

We saw a handful of fish, but none of the pictures really turned out that well.


It was a fun trip, next time we’ll toss in our lines and hope for the best.


  1. Willie E. said...

    When we went to Wilson Ponds, the fishing was less than desirable. We would have been better off with cameras. The ducks nearly ate from our hands - they like Doritos too!

  2. Bronco P3t3 said...

    Fun times on a beautiful day.

  3. young family said...

    It does look like a safari. You really wouldn't want to do an actual fly to another country and take pictures of awesome things safari? I would go with you :)

    I swear I have no idea what I have been doing but I need to stop and snap some pictures. They would all be from inside our car probably ;) I should just post some of Jackie's since I was with her for most of them.

    Love the pictures! I love all the talent you guys have.