A quick trip around the Chaos yard and garden.


Cilantro J


Last years Cilantro made it through the winter and is thriving! 


Strawberries J


We found a sweet deal on strawberry starts from my boyfriend, Craig.  $3.00 a dozen – we bought three.


Raspberry J


Another deal.  Raspberries!  Two rows fifteen-ish feet long.  One red razz’s and the other golden.


Blueberry Bush Closeup J


Know what these are?  All those buds…


Blueberry Bush 1 J


Blueberries!  We found these beauties at our local Home Depot for a whopping $28.98 a piece. 

I started salivating as the memories of picking, cleaning and devouring those little round bits of heaven

as a young farmer so I wasn’t going to pass them up.  I think they might have come from a nursery/grower that went under. 

Either way, F.H.E. consisted of carefully digging out two burning bushes and relocating them, ripping out a slow maple,

four out-of-control junipers and two dead barberry bushes.  Just F.Y.I. those aren’t weeds covering the ground…

okay, maybe I have a few weeds, but it’s mostly Evening Primrose gone amok. 


Slave Labor 2 J


Cheap labor.  Notice two more blueberry bushes on either side.  I can see my purple stained fingers already! 



Lobilia J


A blurry picture of my Lobelia; this was the first dash of color.


Improved Water Feature J


Our thrice revised water feature.  I think we got a keeper this time out.  Sweet Marjorie, Vinca and Irish Moss is doing very well.

The bird feeders the Farmers made will be set to the left and I already have the red and white clematis to climb the pole.


Apple Buds J


When Costco had their fruit trees in stock, we picked up a four-variety apple

(Fuji, Honey Crisp, Honey something else I can’t remember and Golden - can’t remember that either.)  and a cherry tree.

These are the apple buds ready to burst. 


Spike J


Spike likes to loaf about when were outside; always near by, flicking his tail as he’s laying on the cool concrete of the back porch.

Spike is as canine as a feline can be.



Hedge Blossoms 1 J


Our hedge blooms.


Hedge Blossoms 3 J


Lots of blossoms.


Hedge Blossoms 2 J


In delicate whites and pinks.


Yellow Tulip SxS J


My yellow tulips.


Green Tulip 1 SxS J


“Green” tulips that look more yellow than green.


GreenTulip 2 SxS J


Left is straight out of the camera - naked, untouched and rather boring.  Right is glorified black and white.


Green Tulip BW J


I think this is my favorite shot.  Same as above, just cropped.  I like how the black and white bring out the ridgelines/veining of the pedals.


Sprung-Spring!  How’s it going in your neck of the woods?


  1. Emma said...

    I'm so happy spring is starting it's beautiful magic!(making the flowers bloom is magic!)=) The leaves are finally starting to bloom and it looks really good!

  2. The Gooch Family said...

    Your yard is looking beautiful! The fruit plants and trees sound delicious!

  3. Tammy said...

    I'm jealous as usual!!! Everything looks awesome!!!

  4. The Wright's said...

    One of these days I will stop being lazy and get my garden in!! Nice job. Everything looks great!!

  5. Connie said...

    Where did you get Miss Iz's tutu skirt?!?! That's adorable, chick! Check our my adventures in Calif. last week on blog I just put up.

  6. mandbrid said...

    Will you come do mine next??? You've got some amazing pictures here Stacey...great job!