Wild Kingdom


Feeling a little frisky this Valentines Day, Spike and Lucky shared the love.

It was like watching an episode of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom and I just happened to have my camera ready to document the affection.



Like any respectable, gentleman-like duel, the two warriors bow before the carnage begins. 

I couldn’t help but laugh watching them play – yes, they are playing. 

Lucky dog does this spinning-flipping thing around Spike to taunt him. 

Spike is like a lion on the African plains taking down a weeks worth of dinner at a time. 

Check out the claws on the hinny, or Spikes teeth sinking in. 

Lucky gets is jabs in too, what goes around comes around and in the end all is well.



*Click on photo to see full-size.


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  1. Connie said...

    Got a great idea for senior pix, chick! I'll call ya and tell ya about it.

  2. Lora said...

    Definitely wild kingdom :)

    That looks like the kind of fun Rocky would like to have, he never has any takers though. Lucky is a lucky dog and spike looks no worse for the wear :)

  3. A-train said...

    I love it Stacey! Thanks for the montage of the madness. I love the pic where spike has him in an aerial headlock.

    He looks VERY happy!

    Thank you!