Seems I’ve been MIA from blogging, though the time I’ve spent on Blogger has made my head spin like Linda Blair’s character Regan in The Exorcist.  January was jumping – dumping –  at least it seemed like it.  So, here’s a month in a nutshell.


  • cleaned out the Farmers rooms
  • cleaned out the game closet
  • cleaned out the pantry
  • cleaned out the cupboard, drawers and every other kitchen nook and cranny
  • cleaned out the laundry room
  • cleaned out the master room  (finally got rid of three boxes that sat on the floor, unpacked for the last *cough* four years!)
  • cleaned out the master bath and nearly lost my life.  (Not really, though the fumes –good and bad – were enough to do me in.)
  • made six, packed bus loads to various charities
  • lived without a functioning dishwasher and yet remain married
  • made homemade white chicken chili – soaked beans and all
  • field trip with Devin to NNU for a science fair (way cool)
  • field trip with D.J. to NNU to see the Boise Philharmonic perform (way cool too)
  • had a baby session to shoot, edit and deliver
  • met with the couple that I’ve been hired to shoot their wedding
  • lost a lousy 8 lbs.
  • finished the 2009 fed taxes
  • asked to be a LIFE mentor
  • organizing the next ward activity (Circus themed)
  • went to an Enrichment that I didn’t have anything to do with
  • PTA stuff
  • played with Lucky (yes, we’re taking good care of him!)
  • tossed my cookies and then some (in no way do I want to go “bulimic”)
  • sick Farmers too  (Miss Is is home today)
  • Miss Is was awarded a Positive People award for being an excellent student
  • fed the missionaries
  • went to a wedding reception
  • lunch date with hubs at Olive Garden where I pigged out on Zuppa and salad
  • custom designed my “stuff”
  • caught up on LOST  (missed all of last season and I’m still just as confuzeded)
  • got a new ‘do and colors too
  • felt guilty for the past 30+ days for posting jack-diddly-do-daugh, noth’n.

Hmm, that sums it up.  Hopefully February will be much better.  I can’t tell you how relieved I feel about unloading all the extra stuff; the house feels cleaner even though there are still dirty socks and Lego's everywhere.  Getting close to “launching” officially.  Today I’ve been fighting with the devil of a registrar and blogger; they don’t like each other very much and the tech guys helping out must have a voodoo doll just for me, I’m sure.  Bridals are coming up – excited about that and praying that this yucky weather will improve, that the grass with magically go green or it dumps a fresh blanket of snow.   Making custom V-day cards for the Farmers.  I made Devin’s last night in about 30mins, including an on-location shoot!   I really like how they turned out!  With any luck I won’t catch whatever Miss Is has brought home and will be able to keep on keep’n on.   And just like Em, I feel like every post needs a picture… granted, mine couldn’t be as cool as hers even if I had walked on the moon. 


Update 2

Me and my new ‘do.


The Farmers watched Willy Wonka the other day (in my wee-little mind there is only one Wonka, Mr. Gene Wilder) while I was cleaning out the kitchen and I got to sneak a peek between cupboards.  This picture is inspired by the lovely blueberry tint Miss Violet Beauregarde takes on because of her impatience.  We have a lot in common, Miss B and I.  “…a mop of curly brown hair” and “talks very fast.”  I’m not sure about being a 10’ tall, 2000 lb blueberry, but some days it feels like it.  Farmers… Ooompa Loompas?  Maybe not.


  1. Connie said...

    The "do" looks almost purple but it's a great picture of you, sugar! Hope th' Is feels better tomorrow...

  2. Lora said...

    I feel tired just reading it, but very very impressed... way to go. Nothing like getting rid of stuff that just bugs right ;)

    totally impressed with the homemade white chicken chili... I avoid any dish that makes me soak beans :) I bet it was delish though.

    I told you on FB but will say it again I love your pic. You look great. Love the cut, the color and once again your eyes totally pop! So cool ;)

  3. TammyP said...

    PHEW!!! I'm glad that month was over. I don't know if I accomplished that much in the year 2009!!!

  4. Stacey said...

    Gosh, I wish I had that energy. I feel like a slug, and now after reading this I feel like a slug on downers. WOW
    Like the new do, and the picture is great.
    I also agree with you on the Willy Wonka thing. Gene Wilder did a FANTASTIC job.

  5. The Gooch Family said...

    I'm tired! You wore me out! Love the hair though. Looks great and I'm sure the house feels great having it all de-cluttered! Way to go!