Take Down



 DJ Homedale-4 ‘Whah?”


D.J. started wrestling in February and this past Saturday was his very first tournament. 

It started out early for weigh-in and then the waiting….  and the waiting began. 

So much waiting that our scrapper took a catnap on the floorboard of the bleachers. 


DJ Homedale-5



D.J.’s division was supposed to start at 11a.m. but was running a little late.  Two and a half hours late!

We we’re worried that we would have to leave before he had the chance to wrestle,

which would be quite unfortunate since we’ve sat for all those hours and he was so looking forward to his first match.

But luck would fall on our side and he was called to Mat  #1 within 15mns. of our deadline.



DJ Homedale-9


The ref. wiped them down to make sure they didn’t have any slick-stuff, shook their hands,

opponents did the same and the game was on.


DJ Homedale-10

Those first few tense moments to see who is going to shoot first, like gunslingers at high noon.


DJ Homedale-13


I’m not sure what exactly happened, but D.J. has him by the legs.

 DJ Homedale-11 

David, Devin, Miss Is and I were along side the mat cheering D.J. on.  The guy in blue is one of D.J.’s coaches.


DJ Homedale-12


Nice lift.  The scoreboard in the background, 0-0.


DJ Homedale-19


DJ Homedale-20


D.J. is up three and round two is about to start.


 DJ Homedale-21


I know it’s really blurry;  the action is fast and D.J. is working it.

 DJ Homedale-23


The red team scored a point for his escape.

 DJ Homedale-26

 DJ Homedale-29


Oh boy, that doesn’t look good.  Right now the score is 8-4 against D.J.


DJ Homedale-30


Uh-oh!  Come on D.J. 


DJ Homedale-43


In an instant D.J. turned it around. Hold’em!!

 DJ Homedale-44


Still holding….

 DJ Homedale-45


Such a nail bitter!  Keep him down, keep him down.!!!


 DJ Homedale-46


Now the ref is on the mat, making absolutely sure.  




DJ Homedale-48


The ref closes the match by saying how he thought that was the best match he’s seen all day.

They all shake hands and then it happens.

  DJ Homedale-51


D.J. is announced the winner!  Whhooo-hooooo, we’re all jumping up and down!


The wrestlers shake the hands of their opponents' coaches and then their own.

His match coach said that he couldn’t believe that this was D.J.’s first match and that

with a last name like his, he’s gotta be a wrestler. 

 DJ Homedale-54


The winners sign their bout sheet.  You can see the score 4-8; without the pin, he would have lost.

The exciting match erased the painful day of waiting and the ride back home was a happy one.

If we didn’t already have plans that evening, we would have stayed so he could finish the

tournament.  Can’t wait for the next one!   Of course, this is all to stay in shape for football!  lol


  1. Connie said...

    Give that young man a victory hug from us, sugar!!! Whoooohoooo, he did it! LOL

  2. The Wright's said...

    Way to go big guy!! We are all so proud of you!!


  3. Lora said...

    Wow,is he sure he doesn't like wrestling better than football :) You did it! You have raised a champ.....and a darn cute one at that :)

    Way to go DJ!!

    The Gooch....they are right it sounds like an awesome name for sportsman like DJ....wait he has two cool names DJ and Gooch both sound cool.....hhhhmmmm which one will he choose?

    P.S Love that first photo he looks so manly and tough and then he is sleeping like a baby in the next. I think that is cute....from one mom to another.

  4. Emma said...


  5. ...for all eternity said...

    I really did find myself biting my nails scrolling through the photos! Intense!!
    Wait....the things we do for our kids!! Good job mom and DJ!

  6. ...for all eternity said...

    (that was supposed to be a comment about waiting)

  7. ...for all eternity said...

    My photo friend! I finally got my Nikon DSLR today!!

  8. Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

    My brothers used to wrestle (my dad was a wrestling coach and wrestled in college/after college) ..I remember those LONG days at the gym. Those tournaments take FOREVER. Haha!

    Congrats on the pin! You got some great shots! = 0

  9. Anonymous said...

    Just wondering where you are?
    Left from an iPad in KC.