HP 6 and the Girls





So the girls and I stayed up way, way past our bedtime to attend the 12:02am showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

We arrived just after 9:00pm, fully stocked for the long wait.  Tickets – check.  Camp chairs – check.  Strawberries and chocolate ganache complete with fancy paper doilies – check.  Being the envy of all in line – priceless.


Strawberries & Chocolate


Charity Chocolate


We were quite a crew.



Luck would have it, the best seats in theater #3 belonged to us – the center of the center.  Seated around 10:30pm, “informative” and highly stimulating conversation filled in the gap.  Hagrid and Hermione walked in; a couple of young, teenage girls we know.  It happened to be “Hermione’s” seventeenth birthday so we sang to her and hooked “Hagrid” up with the guy sitting just below us.  We’re so helpful that way.  At 12:06am the lights dimmed.  2:45am the credits rolled and so solidified HP6 as my favorite Potter movie to date.


I’ve learned to deal with “creative adaptations” in these movies, HP5 was the biggest disappointment with the exclusion of my favorite scenes.  HP6 is no exception, but it was intense, funny, and a satisfying morsel of the book.  Yes, I love Ron Weasley and we got more Ron, though I’m waiting for the loyal and fiercely protective book Ron to make an appearance.  I’ve read reviews were movie-goers trash this latest effort, claiming the purest side of the road and chalking it up to nothing but a two hour and fifteen minute teenage romance wrapped up in eighteen minutes of meaty, plot-moving magical mayhem.  I disagree.  The young Tom Riddle was creepy.  A slowly dying, less than invincible Dumbledore.  (I still prefer the late Richard Harris.)  Draco’s torment to fulfill his mission and Snape’s Unbreakable, knowing the final outcome of his character, was played to perfection by Alan Rickman.  Of course, seemingly vital scenes were either brought about by different characters, i.e. instead of Tonks finding Harry on the train, it was Luna, or all-together missing  (with the hope of incorporating them into the 7th and 8th movies) would leave the non-reader a little perplexed.  As I understand it, the final movies are in production and due out 2010 and 2011 respectively and IMDB has a blurb about absent characters/plot lines, fostering the hope of pulling it all together.


Can’t wait to see it again with Devin.  For now it’s bottoms-up with the Diet Coke and the challenge of upright habitation with merely three and a half hours sleep.  Here’s to the girls – those who were missing included – can’t wait for HP7, we’re so dressing up.  Dibs on Bellatrix!  lol  Until then, we’ll continue our lapse in maturity this November with New Moon.


  1. The Wright's said...

    Of course my picture is the crazy one!! Why can't I just be normal!!

    Good times, good times!! Thanks to all.


  2. young family said...

    Sounds fun, as of yet I haven't heard from Emma to see if she enjoyed, survived and all the other things from the showing last night ;)

    I have yet to go to a midnight showing of anything, maybe someday ;)

  3. Bronco P3t3 said...

    Fun times for sure. I am using toothpicks to keep my eyes open. But it was worth it!

  4. Emma said...

    I went to the midnight showing with some friends too! It was soo much fun and totally worth the wait! That was my first midnight showing! the part where the creppy dead people pulled him in the water was scary!

  5. Stacey said...

    Stacey, I love your synopsis and analysis of the movie. It's riveting. I am still ticked I wasn't invited to your little shindig, however it was highly satisfying to crash it. ha ha.

  6. ...for all eternity. said...

    I too was dissapointed with HP5 and now am stressed to have to sit through another one explaining the whole thing to my husband who refuses to read the books!! I still can't wait to see nevertheless, and NEW MOON! yeah! p.s. I'm bummed to see you didn't dress up!!