Those Winding, Twisting Paths

Despite the chaos planning, preparing, and packing for summer vacation, when all the pre-potty stops are made and the tires hit the proverbial pavement, there's an almost tangible excitement for the unexpected.

We have traveled over Chinook Pass too many times to recall, but each jaunt up and over the Cascades has been either in the dark, in the rain, or more than our just our heads were in the clouds.

This time, however, we could not pass up such a treasure. We walked the trails around the crystal clear lakes and took in the 'purple mountians' majesty' crowned with wildflowers of every color.

Though it was mid-July there were patches of deep snow and even Mt. Rainer peeked briefly out from underneath her veil, just enough of us to get a glimpse of how beautiful she really is.

(D.J., Me, Maddy, & Devin: Mirror Lakes, top of Chinook Pass, Mt. Rainer WA 7/14/2007)


  1. Forever Young said...

    Those paths do sound pretty, you definitely have a way with words. I'm glad you had a nice vacation, if only it hadn't rained on you. But thats what keeps it so green and pretty :)