Into the Great Beyond!

Like all epic journeys, this one begins with your average, everyday character in an ordinary place and during a time of no real great importance.

There will be ups and downs, lefts and rights, with twists and turns that are wholly expected and yet altogether surprising moments of organized chaos.

I have never written a blog before or for that matter, read one. Thanks to Lora, I've set out to do the seemingly impossible- keep in touch. At this point I have no idea what could be so special about mundane life to write about, why anyone in their right-mind would want to read it, and my ability to string together more than three words in one, comprehensible sentence. And with that, my first post, I'm off into the Great Beyond.


(Picture taken just outside of Yakima, WA 8/06. There was an
unusual, circular cloud formation that I thought was interesting. Lower right off-enter of the picture.)


  1. Forever Young said...

    I am so glad I have created a monster!!! I can't wait to see what chaos you write about!

  2. Forever Young said...

    Stacey!! you need to update your blog!!!